Thomas Marzano

11.00 20 minuten M-Talk

Thomas Marzano is the Global Head of Brand at Philips, a position he has held since January 2020. He is responsible for developing the company brand strategy, brand engagement and drives brand experience excellence throughout the Philips organization.

The Italian born, with a great passion for design and sports, comes from a Philips family with his father being CEO at Philips Design for 20 years. Since starting with the company in 1998, Thomas has held various roles across design himself, starting as a Sound Designer, followed by New Media Designer, leading up to Global Creative Director Digital Brand Design and Global Head of Brand Design.

As Global Head of Brand Design, Thomas led the re-branding design efforts of the current Philips Identity supporting the Philips “innovation and you” brand repositioning. He also developed the acclaimed Brand Experience Design methodology currently used across the company.

As Global Head of Brand Experience, a role Thomas held until December 2019, he was responsible for driving the brand experience strategy and implementation across the company, channels and touchpoints, where he worked closely with his counterparts of Design, Communication and Digital as well as Marketing across Royal Philips.

Thomas’ passion and expertise in branding, design and marketing in the digital world, makes him a strong and inspiring speaker at social media and digital marketing and branding conferences.